Why it is Important to say “Thank You”

You are polite. You say “please” and “thank you” even “excuse me.” You try not to be rude to people and you hold the door open for others. But why is it important and what is your reason for being polite?

Are you looking for selfish gain?
Some people are very polite not for others, but for selfish gain. For those people being polite is a “see how good I am” type of act. These people are typically polite to strangers and yet not with their own family. There are some people act polite but only for some sort of reward or self-gratification. Who they will be polite to will depend on what they want, because they only want something for themselves.

Is everyone selfish?
Some people are polite because they were taught to be. There are people who are polite because it helps others. Then other people know a bit of kindness can change the day of another and sometimes even a life.

How can “thank you” change a life?
If you live a life of saying thank you with a smile or the words, then you could change the world. A simple smile can ripple around the city. Saying thank you with a heart of gratitude can change a life. By saying thank you and meaning it, you could change a very bad day into a day of joy.

What is so powerful about an attitude of gratitude?
By expressing your gratitude to someone who helped you, you are doing more than saying a basic thank you. You are sharing a bit of your heart. For the person receiving that gift from you, they notice, even if nothing happens that day.

Can “Thank You” change tomorrow?
The bit of gratitude from the heart will weigh on the heart of the person gifted with it. One day they will question why your “thank you” was so different, why your attitude was so powerful. Once they realize why, a life will be changed.

But what about my life?
Look around at all the things in your life for which you should be thankful. Even if you think you have little to give thanks for, look at the clothes you are wearing, the people who care about you. You can reach out and say thanks to the people in your life, there is a power in the heartfelt words of gratitude.

Should I say thanks over the small things?
When you start to say thank you for the little things, bigger things have a way of appearing. It will not happen overnight. But by noticing the little things and giving thanks, you become more open to little steps that lead to bigger things.

excerpt from ezinearticles.com by MS Shrader

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